Omni DataSafe

Government Level Protection for Your Personal Documents

Safely organize the past and plan for the future with Omni DataSafe, the tiny yet mighty encrypted USB drive designed to protect your most crucial documents.

Omni DataSafe USB drive and laptop showing Omni DataSafe software.
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Why Users Love Omni DataSafe

Hand holding red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of keyboard

Kimberly F.

This is a great product. Works without any problems. Very easy to use it. I would highly recommend for a back up of all sensitive information.

Red Omni DataSafe USB drive sitting on top of Omni DataSafe packaging

Jackson H.

I use multiple encrypted hard drives for my data, this one is durable, safe, small and just great to use. It's on my key ring and has even endured being dropped a few times

Hand holding red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of keyboard

Henry S.

Love this stick, fully secure (no back door as far as I know) and very easy to operate even in the hands of a non-techy like me.

Hand holding red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of purple journal

Shelby P.

It feels solid, well constructed and looks great.  No one is getting any data from the device without your password. That’s priceless.

Hand holding red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of white wall

Will G.

Great encrypted drive. Very easy to use compared to a more expensive drive I tried. This works great for my needs. Excellent buy!

Red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of computer screen

Catherine S.

If you are traveling with sensitive data, this drive is a good choice. This is a must-have for things like Word, documents, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.

Hand holding red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of blue laptop screen

Leslie L.

It's a very beautiful item especially for those which are working in the IT sector or just people which like to help friends and family to solve problems with storing private info.


Keep Your Data Away From Dangerous Hackers

Omni DataSafe allows you to store your private information and personal data without relying on cloud storage or internet usage, meaning your files are kept safely out of the hands of malicious internet hackers.

You can easily view your data on nearly any computer, whether on or off the internet, no matter where you go.

Hand plugging red Omni DataSafe USB drive into laptop USB port
Red Omni DataSafe USB drive sitting on top of laptop, surrounded by pens and photographs

Organize and Secure EVERYTHING

With Omni DataSafe's intelligent software, you can organize everything from your medical history, passwords, and finances, to your retirement and estate planning documents and everything in between.

Each of your personal documents will be kept completely safe using Omni DataSafe's government-level encryption technology.


Powerful Encryption Right Out of the Box

Hand holding red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of bright room

Custom PIN Code Access

Omni DataSafe is intelligently programmed to protect your data, and anything stored on your Omni DataSafe can only be accessed by you or those with whom you've shared your PIN.

Laptop with Omni DataSafe software showing on the screen

Compatible Software

Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, giving users flexibility across multiple platform types and operating systems. It's an excellent solution for those with a hybrid work schedule.

Blue digital files floating in front of laptop screen

Document Management

Organize and store crucial documents such as your medical records, insurance information, asset inventory, estate plans, and more. Easily navigate and access your most important data!

Man sitting outside while using laptop and enjoying cup of coffee

No Wi-Fi Needed

No cloud storage. No internet needed. The Omni DataSafe software never requires internet access, keeping your files accessible while offering ultimate data security no matter where you go!

Mom, dad and young daughter viewing laptop screen while sitting on the couch
How it works

4 Easy Steps to Ultimate Data Protection


Unlock your Omni DataSafe bye entering your custom PIN code into the onboard keypad


Insert the drive into your desktop or laptop computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux


Back up, organize and manage your files and important information using the Omni DataSafe intuitive software


Safely eject the drive from your device and store it safely away. Omni DataSafe auto locks itself when disconnected from your device, ensuring others can never access your data!

Not Your Typical File Storage

This state-of-the-art encrypted USB isn't meant to be used as an everyday workplace drive, especially when it comes to demanding tasks such as video editing or high-res photo storage. Omni DataSafe is primarily designed for secure data storage of crucial personal files such as banking statements, family records, and estate planning documents. 


Irreplaceable Images


Pages of Word Documents


Minutes of Memorable Video


Informative MP3 Files


Find Out What Others Are Saying:

Very well-made USB data vault with all the security anyone would need. One feature I really do like is that you have to input your password before inserting the drive into your PC, totally eliminating the possibility of the keystrokes being captured.

William Jeffries


I float between 4 different offices in two different locations every day. I would be lost without this drive. IT told me I needed an encrypted flash drive, and this one was my choice. I bought this several months ago, and it's invaluable to my work day!

John Franklin


This was exactly what I was looking for - a secure way to store personal financial documents. The buttons are small but nice. Functionality is great - if not unlocked, the drive does not even show up in the operating system. I give it a thumbs up!

Wendy Clemons


Omni DataSafe
So Much More Than Just a Flash Drive

Backing up your files is only the beginning! Omni DataSafe comes with intelligent, easy-to-use software to assist you with arranging your most crucial documents and keeping your busy life organized. 

Password Manager

Manage each of your account passwords and never forget your credentials again

Life Planning

Securely store your will and trusts, and plan for life's uncertanties 

Red Omni DataSafe USB drive in front of blue sparkles

Bill Tracking

Organize household accounts and bills, and keep up with important due dates 

Net Worth Calculator

Easily calculate your net worth and track your family's valuable assets 

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Keep your most confidential data safe with Omni DataSafe.

This tiny yet mighty USB features powerful hardware-based encryption and an onboard keypad PIN to prevent unauthorized access to your private files.

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